University of Kentucky

Where Tradition Meets Innovation.

To help launch their new student-athlete development initiative, The Kentucky Road gave vision and voice to how UK Athletics is helping student-athletes reach their fullest potential on and off the field.

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Take A Spin With Tomorrow's Tech.

The Connected Car driving experience gave test drivers a taste of the convenience, safety and connectivity features available – or soon to be – through the AT&T Digital Life platform.

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Rock Out With Mother Nature.

To celebrate their partnership with Harman Kardon and the power of premium sound, Subaru invited visitors to take control of Mother Nature’s finest musicians to create the ultimate driving mix.

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Spanning by Dell EMC

Confidence In The Cloud.

A rebrand and relaunch of Spanning by Dell EMC to secure their position as the premiere cloud backup solution and demonstrate their ability to help businesses embrace the agility of the cloud with confidence.

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Mobile Made Personal.

Faced with increasing competition in a cluttered landscape, Phunware came to Creative Tonic for a quick evolution of their brand to clearly stake their position as the mobile hub for the world’s leading brands.

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Pavilion Park

Discover The Good Life At Pavilion Park.

Using a combination of digital displays and interactive experiences, the Pavilion Park Visitors Center gives visitors a sneak peak into the relaxed, leisure driven lifestyle at Pavilion Park.

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The Mind-Body Problem: Branding, Marketing and the Dangers of Dualistic Thinking

TLDR: I Think, Therefore I Brand. All boundaries are tenuous. Whether marked by a handshake or a stretch of steel bollards, the strength of a border ultimately comes down to authority. Who has it. Or, more importantly, the power to enforce it. In the absence of clear authority, or deterrent, conflict escalates. Each side emboldened to lay claim to their…
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Project Spotlight: Prep U Boyifesto

Prep U was launched to provide parents with a suite of safe, age appropriate personal care products designed to tame the terror of boy stink. And, in the process of solving the challenge of body odor, help boys ease their way into adulthood rather than leap headfirst from their bubble bath to body spray. Part of our challenge in establishing…
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Project Spotlight: Traits of Success

Originally delivered as a speech to graduating seniors at Berry College as part of an executive roundtable, Traits of Success is a continuation of the age old hope that the next generation of thinkers, doers and makers can learn from the experiences and difficulties of those who came before them. After the incredible, positive response at Berry, we adapted the…
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Project Spotlight: Frontyard Brewing
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The Death Of The Fixed Bid Project
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Project Spotlight: Abundant Trading Company
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Design, Detente & Why There Needs To Be A Shift In Thinking To Thinking Across Disciplines
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Project Spotlight: Key
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Why The Coffee Is Never Right – And That’s Okay
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