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Mobile Made Personal.

Powered by the insights of 500+ million users, Phunware allows companies to make connections that are immediate, intelligent and personal across every connected device. Faced with increasing competition in a cluttered landscape, Phunware came to Creative Tonic for a quick evolution of their brand to clearly stake their position as the mobile hub for the world’s leading brands.

The Mobile Hub For The World's Biggest Brands.

Our challenge, position Phunware as the data-driven leader in the mobile space, balancing the technical intelligence needed to connect with customers in-the-moment with the intimate, human feel of a truly personalized experience. With a diversity of audiences and product offerings, it was also critical to create a cohesive vision for the platform as a best-in-class, one-stop solution for mobile and multi-screen.

Brand Concepts

Owning The Micro-Moment.

Our focus for the updated brand, Phunware’s unrivaled ability to deliver experiences that are not only personalized, but also tailored to the exact moment of connection. From photography selection and treatment to tone of voice, the updated brand lives at the intersection of technology and relationships, showcasing Phunware’s ability to pair access with relevance to create stronger connections between people and brands.

Passing The Baton.

We worked closely with the team at Phunware throughout the project to ensure the rebrand efforts maximized the impact of the change while minimizing the challenges of implementation. Working within the existing website structure, we delivered a simple system for creating a custom look and feel that not only revamped the website, but could also be carried through the remaining touchpoints for the brand.