Site Redesign

Relaunching as a dynamic, global hub for the iconic brand and those who love to ride.

Content Strategy + Development

Continuing the Razor brand evolution from new site content and features to product launches and TV spots.

Social Media Liaison

A quick stint behind the Razor Worldwide social media machine to help define the brand’s goals and voice.


For most people, the Razor brand is synonymous with the scooter. But, in the decade since the original A scooter turned the brand into a global phenomenon, the company has continued to redefine the ride-on category with its innovative, award-winning products. Faced with a site that couldn’t keep pace with their evolving brand, product line and global footprint, Razor turned to Feast to create a new digital platform that would position them for long-term success.


Beyond the functionality updates and upgrades, the redesign was also an opportunity to reboot the Razor brand for the digital realm. From the clean, modern design approach to the fun, energetic tone and slick, streamlined user experience, the new site and refreshed brand are savvy and sophisticated, just like its youthful audience.


To accommodate Razor’s growing global footprint, the site is built on a custom WordPress Multi-Site Network that not only enables greater content controls, but also allows Razor to quickly add new regions as their distribution network expands.

And, in bringing the various regions together under a universal company-wide system, the new site helped create stronger brand consistency, with the US version setting the global standard and providing modular, translation-ready content, features and assets.


In addition, as the Razor empire expanded into new product categories, it needed a solution for how to integrate new brands and properties into the Razor universe without diluting the brand and its position as an industry leader in the ride-on category.

Created with this in mind, the new provided the framework and functionality for a variety of new ventures, creating an array of properties that play well together while retaining their individual brand identities.


In redesigning and restructuring the Razor site, we identified four core categories of content as the pillars for the updated experience. From the site launch through today, these pillars continue to help shape the Razor experience online.

Feelings Front And Center.

Despite the variety in products and riders, the Razor lineup is united by one thing – the freedom and fun of the ride. From the computer screen to the TV screen, we put the focus on the feeling of the ride to help viewers quickly understand what each product is about, why it’s fun and why they need it.


The best advertisement for Razor’s products, seeing how much fun others are having with them. In addition to promoting video content throughout the site and integrating videos on product pages, we also created a dynamic videos page that brings together Razor’s YouTube channels into a single, sortable experience.

Let’s Ride.

Who better to demonstrate and cultivate the brand than Razor’s legions of devoted fans and riders? From user generated content to on-site polls and updates to the brand’s variety of social networks – including their RazorRiders and RipCity communities – the new Razor platform took every measure to empower its community, encourage participation and reward those who went big.

Welcome Aboard.

The alpha dogs of the Razor universe, Team Razor and Team RipStik set the bar for what’s possible across the Razor line. From a headlining slot on the homepage to a new Team section that showcases the latest action from around the globe, the updated approach took every opportunity to build the team’s rep and expand their roles as ambassadors for the growing freestyle scooter and RipStik movements.